Click2callClick2call is known by many names; click-to-dial, click-to-talk and click-to-call are just few examples.

This unique to voip; voice over Internet protocol function is simple but useful tool allowing to dial and connect a call simply by clicking a link on web browser like Firefox.  

What is Click2call?

Click2call is a combination of voip engine like asterisk, pbx software, custom server site scripting and browser extension or add-on. Voipplus has produced and implemented click2call solution which is available to all of our customers free of charge.  In detail; click2call initiates 2 phone call from a cloud based pbx triggered by a mouse click on a hipper link. First call rings hard or softphone of the person that initiated the click. Once the call is answered, pbx dials an external number and connect these two calls together.

The other Click2dial usage would be posting a small form on a website and requesting a visitor to enter their phone number. Once the form is submit, as before the server site scripting is initiating 2 calls connecting a website visitor to a company website’s number or even a specific extension. Scripting like this may even be used as facebook app.

Click2call is especially attractive to a companies and individuals that are not quite ready for a predictive dialer, but wish to make large amount of calls without manual dialing every number.

These are just fief examples of industries that may find benefit from clicktocall in day to day operations.

Logistic Dispatch
Real Estate Broker
Insurance Agent
Sales Agents
Appointment setting
Financial Institutions
Healthcare providers
and many more.