Toll Free Termination at no charge.

VoipPlus offers FREE Toll Free Termination service for all your calls in the United States! Our FREE call termination delivers guaranteed superior call quality, service, and reliability by utilizing our nationwide network of partners. 

No account nor sip registration is required.

Toll Free Termination service offered by VoipPlus does not require payment, account setup nor sip device registration.

Sip setup details.

Number format  i.e 1800NXXXXXX
DTMF mode RFC2833
Fax Support T.38 or pass-through
Sip Server
Sip Port 5060

Termination for all US toll free prefixes.

VoipPlus will terminate calls to 1800, 1833, 1844, 1855, 1866, 1877 and 1888.

Asterisk Configuration example.




exten => _1800NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})
exten => _1833NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})
exten => _1844NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})
exten => _1855NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})
exten => _1866NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})
exten => _1877NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})
exten => _1888NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/voipplus/${EXTEN})