Vicidial Dedicated Server Cost:

VoipPlus offers managed Vicidial hosting and colocation services for only $200 per month. $500 setup fee includes hardware and software installation.

Vicidial Server Hardware:

Each vicidial dedicated server will have at least 24 cores and minimum 6 ssd 6Gb/s drives configured in to raid 10. Minimum total disk space of 720G and minimum 48GB of ram.  An Amfeltec timer card recommended by vicidial creators will be installed in each telephony server.

Data Center location and connectivity:

All vicidial server are hosted in Chicago data center on 1 Gbps connection backed by triple redundant fiber optic.

How many servers do you need?

Vicidial is a contact center solution allowing for inbound and outbound campaigns. With up to 25 agents you may be able to use only one vicidial server. Once you outgrow a single server we can implement second Vicidial server within days as needed. Some large organizations are utilizing 4 ,8 or even more servers. At some point vicidial severs will be dedicated to a single task like database server, telephony server or web server.
As a part of our service we offer database slave server, as well as weekly database backup of your Vicidial setup at no charge.

Is your vicidial hosting secure?

Our custom, dynamic firewall allows only authorized access to your vividial server. No more lost revenue and Friday night surprises of empty termination account.

Vicidial hosting setup time.

At this time we are able to setup a customer of any size within 2-3 days. From the time of account setup to installation completion.

Termination and origination for your Vicidial server.

Voipplus is offering cc termination and high limit origination service for your Vicidial Hosting server. We also allow our customers to use any other termination and origination providers at no additional cost. Please contact us for rates.

Moving from other hosting provider?

We will restore and upgrade your database at no charge. Or ,if you wish, we will install same version of vicidial that you have been using.

How to get started?

To get started with vicidial hosting simply call us at 1-855-804-7494.