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    Our solution delivers all the benefits of million-dollar systems, but without their hidden costs. Call centers around the world count on VoipPlus's call center software to reduce operational cost, improve customer satisfaction, and enable flexible staffing — at home, onshore and offshore.
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    Hosted Dialer
    The VoipPlus Hosted Dialer solution is premised on one simple goal, creating a powerful and user friendly hosted predictive dialer. No matter the industry, company type, or user intention, if dialing leads and data is a source of business for your company, then VoipPlus hosted dialer will greatly improve your efficiency.
  • Voip Termination Service We offer A-Z VoIP termination at low rates. Calls are switched to multiple international carriers using TDM facilities in New York, USA, Los Angeles, USA and Frankfurt, Germany.

  • PSTN Origination VoipPlus offers wholesale ITFS service from nearly 80 countries, and wholesale DID services from nearly 40 countries.

  • Predictive Dialer Service Create a new VoipPlus Hosted Predictive Dialer using our online sign-up form. We accept credit cards, wire transfers, Western Union and PayPal.

About VoipPlus.net

VoipPlus.net was founded in 2001 as a Internet Telephone Service Provider. Our unique service offering starts with our ability to originate and terminate telephone calls as a telephone carrier. During the past 9 years we have been building telephone applications for our clients. In 2009 we started offering all our products for small businesses. In 2010 VoipPlus.net became a leader of Hosted Predictive Dialers, Voice Broadcasting, Business PBX and custom IVR systems.

Predictive Dialer

The VoipPlus Dialer is 500 times more efficient than your previous dialing campaigns. Beat the dialing odds with this turnkey hosted dialer that is powerful and simple to use.

Call Center Solutions

VoipPlus has hundreds of customers using our hosted call center software, from startup companies to non-profit organizations to global enterprises call centers big and small.