Mobile VoIP is a software protocol for phone apps. It can be installed on smartphones and is influential because of its ease of use and simplicity. The apps are used for making and receiving calls within and outside the country. The apps can also perform the functions of a desk phone. The performance of the Mobile VoIP system depends on the type of your mobile softphone and Wi-Fi or 4GLTE network. Meanwhile communication via mobile VoIP apps is free.

You can tremendously reduce your mobile phone costs by using app technology. The smartphones such as iPhone, Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Windows 8/RT are all currently supported by Mobile VoIP infrastructure. It is easy to download Mobile VoIP apps for free from the App market and to subscribe with one of the supported VoIP brands. If you are interested and don’t know which type of Mobile VoIP app to use, here are five of the best depending on the type of your smartphone.

  1. Viber

You can use Viber to make free voice calls to any other Viber subscriber anywhere in the world over data or Wi-Fi. Users can also make calls to other mobile users and landlines with Viber Out at a minimal rate. The call cost starts at 1.9 cents per minute and varies depending on the country’s calling rate. You can enjoy completely free calls on Viber-to-Viber. Viber apps allow the users to make calls across the platform with other apps such as Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. You can further enjoy free text and calls.

  1. Google Hangouts

This app gives users the opportunity to make free texts and calls. Domestic calls are free and google hangout subscribers make calls using landlines or mobile phones directly. When making calls internationally, the clients are subjected to Google Voice rates starting from as little as 2 cents per minute based on the call destination. This software helps users make voice and video calls on Android, and on the computer.

  1. Skype

Skype is a major player that uses free VoIP calling and texting. The users can also make free voice and video calls to other subscribers who use Skype. Skype is now offering big conference calls and free group video calls. Skype Out and Skype To Go features provide calling services at minimum rates. Skype support calls using other platform apps such as desktop OSes, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Skype offers high quality texting, voice, and video calling at the lowest possible rates.

  1. MagicApp

MagicApp allows clients to use their home phones as a VoIP system for making calls over the internet. This allows users to make calls without using their domestic carrier lines. Just like other apps, MagicApp supports both iOS and Android. You can call using data or Wi-Fi to any regional network with the lowest rates from the US and Canada. Calling between devices using MagicApp is completely free.


  1. Vonage

This service has made an impact within the industry by enabling internet calling from home phones. The Vonage mobile app supports both Android and iOS, cultivating a cohesive user experience. The Vonage mobile app allows clients to place voice calls over Wi-Fi or data using their personal number. It is entirely free to make voice calls, video calls and to send texts on the Vonage to Vonage network. Many people agree that Vonage rates are relatively lower than Skype for local US calls.

These are just some of the great ways you can minimize the cost of the communication with Mobile VoIP apps.