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Why VOIP Technology Is The Best Choice In 2017

There are a lot of reasons to choose VOIP this year. If you have heard about VOIP technology, chances are that you are using it to make calls over the internet. VOIP technology offers excellent call quality even though there might be some challenges with the internet connection. The VoIP system offers you great conveniences. Whether you have a cell phone, landline phone or home phone the outcomes are steadfast with this network. The good aspects of this technology are that they were hassle-free.

Moreover, there are many providers of these services online. You only need to download software, and within minutes you are good to go. This mode of communication is perfect for businesses due to the reduced costs per call and operating infrastructure. If you multiply the number of employees with standard costs for making calls with a landline, the savings are clear. VOIP technology is also a valuable asset due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Business solutions put both data and voice communication together at an affordable rate. No wonder, the Forbes Magazine reports that about 80% of all private branch exchange (PBX) systems sold since 2008 are VOIP technology. Although the main advantage of VOIP is to make cheap calls accessible to the masses, it has extra benefits such as web conferencing, file transference and high-fidelity videos.

The revolutionary design of VOIP infrastructure has been taking place for some time. It has gained even more popularity due to increased internet network coverage. The internet has made it easy for anyone to place free phone calls without the need of a mobile device. With the help of internet  broadband infrastructure, VoIP technology converts analog sound into digital voice communication.  The biggest draw for people towards VoIP technology is that it cuts out the phone companies and places call directly to the intended person. Here are more advantages of the technology.

  • Portable and Easy to Use: You don’t need to be in your office or home to make a call over the internet. Because VOIP technology is available and accessible in any part of the world it provides maximum portability. The minimalist requirements allow you to take calls anywhere there is an internet connection. This is helpful to make your calls even in remote parts of the world. VoIP technology doesn’t pose any challenges regarding cost and connections. What is more? You don’t have to lose your number when you are moving to a new location. The VOIP technology gives you a chance to use the same number as long as you are using a common IP address.
  • Efficiency and security: VOIP systems offer efficiency and security for both voice and data communication. Because they both run a single network this takes place easily. The system has encryption protocols to secure your communication from outside interference.
  • Saving money: The cost of VOIP technology is much cheaper than the cost of making an ordinary phone call. It makes things easier to make long distance calls and to gain access over the internet to necessary resources. This makes researching and making essential transactions over the phone much cheaper than using a landline in some places. People from another countries can make calls to your number at their local rates meaning they don’t have to pay outrageous amounts due to international call rates.
  • Multi-purpose: In 2017 VoIP technology helps to do much more than making phone calls. You can conduct video conferences and send files to discuss important issues with your staff, co-workers, and clients. Even when you are abroad, you can still keep in touch anywhere there is internet access with this versatile communication solution. You don’t have to physically be present in order to maintain correspondence.
  • Flexibility: The best part about VOIP technology for business is that it gives users more options and flexibility. For instance, with a VOIP converter you can plug into your PC to detect signals from analog phones. The technology converts these signals into digital data. The VoIP system will then generate a number for you to make calls as easily as on any other mobile device.


Ultimately, businesses should consider VOIP technology as a viable choice in 2017. It provides valuable features, lowers costs, and is a well rounded solution for multiple functions in the workplace.