Mobile VoIP: All You Need To Know
There is a prediction that there will be a steady increase in the number of Mobile VoIP users in the coming years. Mobile VoIP basically refers to mobile handsets that are integrated into an existing VoIP or internet telephony network. This could be via, GSM, 3G, 4G or other internet services so that phone calls are made as digital signals over the internet using Voice over IP technology. Mobile VoIP enabled phones can also take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots to eliminate the cellular voice or data plan.
Mobile VoIP users especially those using smartphones can benefit greatly from lower costs of calling, texting or use of other smartphone features. Reason being digital data transmission using VoIP is quite fast; data is spread over multiple packets, each being transmitted via the least congested and fastest route to the intended destination.
A mobile phone with Wi-Fi hotspot access will significantly reduce your cell phone costs by limiting the carrier’s 3G or 4G service. When using a carrier’s monthly data plan, callers usually exceed the bandwidth maximums, therefore incurring additional charges. However, being able to tap into Wi-Fi hotspots with mobile VoIP will help users avoid this and extend the lifespan of their monthly data allotment.
A mobile VoIP phone service can totally eliminate rvice, including:
• Messaging limits
• Roaming charges
• Incoming call charges
• Rollover minutesthe need for that basic voice plan, as well as optional and costly text add-ons. Mobile VoIP users enjoy more flexibility and fewer restrictions. VoIP mobile phone service enables a user to make free or unlimited inexpensive calls using VoIP technology.
Mobile VoIP users can do away with the limitations associated with regular cell phone se
• Night or weekend minutes
• Anytime minutes
As a mobile VoIP user, you can also take advantage of additional integrated features that your mobile VoIP app supports. This will include high bandwidth activities like video chat and group chat.
Benefits of Mobile VoIP
Mobile VoIP users greatly take advantage of voice over IP services to lower their monthly bills. Some cell phone users take advantage of mobile VoIP and totally do away with their carrier’s voice plan. Using mobile VoIP can result in significant savings because all you will need is a simple data only relationship with your cell phone carrier.
Mobile VoIP for business can be used to streamline operations as well as lower the total overhead. This is because use of mobile VoIP improves quality, efficiency, and cost of overall communications. Country to country calls are billed at reasonable rates, and roaming charges are entirely eliminated. If your personnel are constantly on the road mobile VoIP is definitely a viable solution.
Mobile VoIP Apps
The number of Apps you can use to transform your mobile phone into a VoIP mobile phone are growing by the day. Though these apps can be used on all phones, smartphone mobile VoIP apps offer the best features, with a wider selection. Many of these apps are now available for free download.